If you haven't seen the video we posted on this site of a mother taking a belt to her child ... take time to see it.

Since we first aired this story on our 10pm news Monday night ... we've had hundreds of viewers look at the tape and many have emailed us their reaction.

You should read them and see if you agree or disagree with the majority.

Let me give you my history on this issue.

As parents we tend to raise our kids as we were raised. My dad thought spanking was a good thing. I spanked my daughters as they were growing up; one is now 29 and the other is 31. Both are successful women who show no ill effects from that discipline; I really don't recall spanking the younger one that much, but the older ... would really test me.

I learned early that spanking in a moment of uncontrolled anger was not the best thing; so, I would say, You are going to get 5 spankings. They were measured and given on the lower buttocks, using my hand.

My dad often used a belt. I remember in the summer time if I had a spanking coming, I would run to my room and get a pair of jeans on ... two pair if I could.

Dad didn't just lightly tap our behinds ... that belt stung. Did it leave marks? I don't recall. Sometimes it was not easy to sit down for a day ... but that lingering pain served to remind me .. I don't want another spanking.

There is a difference between spanking a child and beating a child. Sometimes the difference might involve the object used for the discipline .... how many times the child is struck .... what part of the child's body is struck.

Crisis Nursery is a safe haven for children in a threating situation; it takes in children when parents are too stressed to properly care for them. Crisis Nursery advises ... take a deep breath and consider what you are going to do before you discipline your children.

It is solid advise, but at some point of raising kids ... most parents do lose some control and perhaps strike a child more than they should have.

A spanking is supposed to be a corrective punishment ... a proper punishment fitting the "crime". It is not supposed to be raging revenge.

Personally, I have no problem with spanking a child ... even in public. My dad didn't either.

I remember many years ago we were visiting my parents, and I had to spank one of my children.

After the deed was done, I walked back into the room where my dad sat smoking his pipe, rocking in his chair.

"Dad, I really hate to spank my girls," I said.

He nodded and then stopped rocking, took his pipe from his lips and asked, "Larry, do you remember all those spankings I gave you?"

Wow, in my mind .. after all these years, dad was going to apologize. He was going to say that he was so sorry and filled with regret that he spanked me ... especially with a belt.

I answered, "Yes sir, I sure do remember."

Dad nodded, put his pipe back in his lips and resume rocking as he said,

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