We are getting so many emails and responses to my interviews with Congressman Carnahan, Congressman Shimkus and Senator McCaskill .. that I am opening this blog .. just for those comments.
Most of these came as direct email to me .. not our blog response ... so I wanted to make sure they were available for reading.
Again, some are very angry with me.
I still haven't been able to post all of the emails; so please check back ...more will be coming. I do want to say that in some cases of emails sent directly to me (not the blog) ... names of the writers are not displayed; that's because as they appeared on the email .. too much personal information might be released ... specific email address ... home address ... other private information.
I might have duplicated some which have appeared on the previous blog; sorry ... it's just that I would rather duplicate than accidentially eliminate.
I will try to respond to all of the emails ... especially those angry viewers. (I am also working my way through phone calls.)
After reading through these ... you might also want to read the previous blog written regarding my interview with Congressman Carnahan. Some of you might find your responses in that blog.


Larry, I have been watching your interviews with the different political personalities regarding the Health Insurance Reform. All I hear are questions about the people that already have insurance of some type. What does this reform offer the Americans that do not have insurance at all? I have been a Nurse in Illinois for more than 30 years. I work in a small local nursing home and have for the past 26 years and I have never had health insurance offered by my employeer. If I was to purchase health insurance it would cost me over $300.00 per month and that does not include my husband who is self-employeed.
I make too much money to receive assistance of any kind but not enough to pay out-of-pocket for procedures or tests that are needed for diagnosing or treating an ailment. So, I go without professional treatment and do the best I can on my own. The thing that upsets me the most is that I am a health care worker working around God knows what every day and I do not have health insurance. 85% of the employees that work where I do do not have insurance. There a lot of single parents or spouses of the unemployed that work there. We get admits from home, other nursing homes and so on and we do not have a clue what harmful deseases they could have but yet we are obligated to care for them. We cannot run around in protective space suits all day long to protect ourselves and our loved ones. My big concern reflects back to the beginning of this e-mail - What about health insurance for me? I wish someone would come to some kind of a solution. I believe our country is very broken when an!
UNEMPLOYEED young person with a child or even two, UNWED, driving a nicer vehicle than me, has nails done professionally, wears name brand clothes, has a $200.00 cell phone (and lets the baby play with it), has a professional hair-do, gets assistance with feeding her family, and gets free health care. DID I MENTION THEY WERE UNEMPLOYEED? Yet I work 50 to 60 hours a week at a very stressful job, taking care of the people that made our town, fought in wars, and WORKED for a living - these are humans, but I do not have insurance. I pay for our county employees insurance and retirement through my taxes. NOBODY IS PAYING FOR MINE, BUT I HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIRS. My retirement is payed by me when I get a pay check and take out a designated amount to put into savings. Yes, our country is broken!!!! I would like to go to Springfield, IL or even Washington with some of the other struggling moms in this area and teach them ALL how to live on a budget and how to EARN what you get. I wo!
nder if Congress would or even could live on my wages and give!
up all
of their benefits and do without insurance as I and so many of my co-workers and friends do every day of our lives? I would be happy to change places with them for 6 months. I would make it. They would not last as long as a snow ball in Hell. Thank you for the time you take out of your busy schedule to read your e-mails, and to try to address each one. I trust the news your team reports. I have respect for your honesty. ^ years ago my husband switched me to channel 4 news and i love it.
Sincerely, Cathy (Uninsured) Marble.

Claire McCakill just misled Larry Conners on the ten o'clock news. She stated that federal tax dollars would not be used for abortions under the federal health care option. As explained in the NYT today, the plan is to use "premium dollars" to pay for abortions and they are not "federal tax dollars". Federal dollars, yes; federal tax follars, no. McCaskill is an auditor and she knows that that is an accounting trick at best and certainly misleading. Why not follow up with her office to set the record straight?

I am contacting you to thank Larry Connors for his interview with John Shimkus last evening. It was rushed but I am grateful that the Senator was able to convey his beliefs in a non- belligerent atmosphere.
Today I went to Hillsboro and was shocked and horrified by the "town meeting". Ms.McCaskill did not listen to us,was condescending, and as a nurse in St Louis I deplore the assumption that we were able to speak freely. We Were Not!!! She answered written questions. In no way were we able to respond or verbalize our frustrations and complete abhorrence of what the government is trying to do with our healthcare. Ms. McCaskill did not care nor did she acknowledge our anger with her disregard of our wishes as our PAID REPRESENTATIVE.How sad that all we were able to do was boo and hiss. Next time I shall encourage everyone to leave. It was absolutely pathetic.

As voluminous as a 1000 page healthcare bill might be, I?m almost as worried about what it DOSEN?T SAY, as what it does!
The politicians will stand in front of us all day and swear that a bill does not allow certain activities such as treating illegal immigrants, rationing care and making ?cost - benefit? health decisions. But if the bill does not PROHIBIT an activity, then it all sneaks in the back door.
They can claim that the bill won?t force you from your current private health care into a public option, but if that public option is supported by your taxes, the private systems will eventually be unable to compete and will go bankrupt. Then you are at their mercy, and needless to say, they have no mercy!
Commenter name: Bob Whaley
Thank you for your response to my emails. I was thinking of getting a sign "Old and ProLife".... getting hit from both ends of the health care plan.

However, my friends are starting to cancel their AARP membership. They are outraged..... Could you interview someone from this organization? We don't understand how they can support a bill which hasn't been voted on yet. According to Senator McCaskill there are at least 3 bills in the works. Each one different and we don't know if one is in the best interest of seniors or not.

We can only hope and pray the best plan will get picked.
Pat Dames
South county

I've attempted to enter a "positive" comment on Larry Connors' blog only to have it rejected. A couple of times by saying I entered the code wrong, and then by saying I'd tried to many times. I smell a rat.
Are positive comments on his blog not allowed? That's as bad as the hooligans who disrupt town hall meetings.

On the six o'clock news this evening you reported incorrectly that Mr. Shimkus conducted a town hall meeting on healthcare today. In fact he spoke at a Rotary Club meeting a location guaranteed to give him a receptive and photogenic audience. I am a voter in his district and a former supporter who would just love to attend a town hall meeting with the congressman. Try sticking to the facts and reporting both sides of the issue. I know healthcare is not as much fun as covering shootings in north St. Louis but it is an important issue that deserves to be covered truthfully.
Norel Pride

I think Clare McCaskill was much more informative than John Shimkus was on your/KMOV's interviews with the politicians.

I am so tired of hearing the republicans - who got us into this mess of an economy not able to hold its own, trying to set Obama up for failure...seems to me the republicans would be a bit more objective ... but after all, this plan will not make their lobbyists wealthy nor will it make the execs at the companies wealthy....

We need to hear more about what issues are in the bill since many people won't bring themselves to read it available online.

Larry, the word "how" is powerful. Try it once in a while when someone is lying to your face (i.e., making a promise that they cannot and have no intention of delivering on).

You're such a pushover. Claire made you look like a doe eyed newbie tonight.
Commenter name: Mark Pitchford

6 oclock news health care coverage and comparing it to a basketball game was completely ridiculous. I knew they were covering the Hillsborough Town Hall, so I tuned in. I will never do that again. How about some real news without the theatre. He is way past his prime in reporting. Fresh face is needed.

Thank you for your response. I was just frustrated since I previously watched the entire town hall event and thought the reporting did not live up to how well the event went. I try to keep an open mind when it comes to reporting and I know that some people need some added effect when it comes to news, to keep the interest. I on the other hand soak up the news and really engage in PBS and NPR. CBS, NBC, and ABC are in tier two, but no matter the presentation the facts need to be complete and correct. I would like to appologize for my rude email. My statements were out of line and your face is fine. I just have different taste in reporting. Please continue to provide information to the public. Facts are much needed in this day and age, and you are link to many Missourians.

I am a senior citizen and I do collect social security and medicare. I also have private insurance to cover most of what medicare does not.
I am against Obama's health care plan. I don't want the government taking control of anymore of my life. They already have more than they should. I am also tired of hearing about my medicare and if I don't want the government in my insurance business would I want to give it up. My answer is NO, HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!! Medicare was forced on the citizens of this country and we were forced to pay for it. Therefore, I look at is forced insurance, paid for by me and my husband and employers. I paid for it and should now be able to collect those insurance payments promised to me.
The democrats can quit using that montra to try to make the people that don't agree with them look like they don't know what they are talking about.
Most of the citizens in this country are not stupid and can make decisions without Congress and the President doing it for them.
Thank you for letting me vent.
J Ebert
St Peters, MO

Larry: Are you regressing to slap stick and cliches'? What's with the comments about "Vikings" and "Slam Dunks"? Sounded like a high school reporter to me.
Chris Koerber
Knock it off or I'm at CH 11.

Mr Conners,

Attached is a reply to an e-mail that I sent to Russ Carnahan asking if he would be willing to to go on a public healthcare option if he voted for it. A real leader will not ask someone to do something unless they are willing to do it themselves. As you can see the question was never answered.

I want to bring your attention to the second to last paragraph, the last two sentences in that paragraph. On August 6th you interviewed Mr. Carnahan on the evening news and asked him if he had read the bill on healthcare. His reply was that he had had briefings on the bill. In the e-mail dated July 30th he states that "he is thoroughly reading and reviewing each of the proposals".

Did he lie to me or to you????
Dear Mr. Buschmann:
Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about health care. I appreciate hearing from you, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I think reforming the health insurance system is so important.

Passing health insurance legislation is one of my top priorities this year. As Congress debates this issue, I will push for comprehensive, substantive and sustainable solutions.

As I meet with people throughout the district, I am constantly reminded that health insurance reform is one of the most pressing issues affecting Missouri families and the economy. The average Missourian spends nearly $5,500 a year on health care, health insurance premiums have doubled over the past nine years and more than 70,000 people in the 3rd Congressional District lack health insurance. We need to eradicate the shortfall of coverage while reducing costs and maintaining the quality of health care for those who can afford it now. If done properly, more Americans will be able to access better health care, and our economy will be more competitive.

It's important that we keep what works and reform what's broken. There are several principles any health insurance reform legislation should follow, as well as several concrete proposals that should be included in any comprehensive package.

I want to be very clear about what health insurance reform will mean for your health care coverage. Most importantly, if you like the coverage you have now, you can keep it. I will not support measures that will force people to give up their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan. Doctors and nurses will always make important medical decisions. Finally, I believe that individuals with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease should be able to obtain health insurance. It is wrong to deny coverage to individuals on the basis of pre-existing health conditions, as many health insurance companies do now. We should also focus on covering preventive care that over time wil l reduce the number of chronic conditions and lower costs for everyone.

There are also several specific legislative proposals that should be incorporated into a broader health care reform proposal.

First, any reform must make sure that every child has access to quality health care. We know that children with health insurance are more likely to get the health care they need and are better prepared to learn in school. Since being elected to Congress, I have worked diligently to improve the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), a federal program that grants funds to states to provide health insurance to low-income families with children. It was signed into law by President Obama in February of this year.

Second, older Americans, who are likely to live on fixed incomes, often experience increased health care costs associated with chronic disease. The age of eligibility for Medicare should be lowered by creating a buy-in that would allow those just shy of Medicare age to purchase Medicare coverage. I am also an advocate for lowering drug costs, and I am pleased by the recent announcement that the pharmaceutical industry will slash prices for some drugs, saving seniors exposed to the "donut hole" some $80 billion over the next ten years.

Third, I think that we must cover small business employees. This Congress, I am a lead co-sponsor of H.R. 2360, the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Act of 2008. This bill would make health insurance more affordable, predictable and accessible for small businesses and the self-employed. It does so by substantially reducing administrative costs and by offering tax incentives to encourage states to reform poorly functioning, small group insurance markets and by encouraging the development of statewide purchasing pools backstopped by a voluntary, nationwide pool.

Finally, I believe it is important to consider including a public health insurance option that could help jumpstart reforms to reduce costs, maintain fiscal sustainability and improve the quality of care. A self-sustaining public health insurance option will offer choice to individuals and businesses and will compete with private health insurers to drive down costs. Any proposed public health option will not replace the private insurance market, and you will not be required to choose it if you like the coverage you have now. Rather, it is intended to expand coverage and create better healthcare options for more Americans.

Reforming our broken health care system is essential to getting our economy back on track. Expanding access to affordable, quality health care coverage has long been an important goal, and we cannot afford to delay this effort any longer. Health insurance reform will strengthen the middle class, help businesses remain competitive and create 21st century jobs.

The president has asked for health insurance legislation to reach his desk this year. I am working with my colleagues in both parties to reach that goal. Recently, several leading members of the House introduced H.R. 3200, a comprehensive piece of health care legislation that expands health insurance coverage to 97% of Americans. There are also several draft bills currently being discussed in the Senate. I am thoroughly reading and reviewing each of these proposals to determine if they meet the goals outlined above.

Once again, thank you for contacting my office. Please know that I will keep your views in mind as Congress continues this crucial debate, and please do not hesitate to contact me in the future on this or any other issue.

An interesting subject worth pursuing is: What effect will the nationalization of health insurance have on the supply of doctors? What intelligent college graduate will want to spend another 6-10 years (and $200,000 in tuition) for medical school and residency if they will end up being paid by, and for all practical purposes working for, the government or an insurance company.

Many doctors already refuse to accept new Medicare patients and very few accept any medicaid patients. It will only get much worse as current doctors retire early in disgust with the low pay and red tape.
Steve Ganz

Dear Larry,
Thank you for your interview with Rep. Shimkus. He was truthful and answered your questions much better than Carnahan. That's balanced news!
Rosemary Ganz

Kudos on the interview with John Shimkus....didn't agree with everything he said but you got him to answer the question.

I sent you an email about Russ first. This is my my age I never thought I would be doing this.
Very concerned......
Pat Dames
so county
Dear Larry, After watching your interview with Russ Carnahan, I felt like I was listening to a slick "snake oil" peddler. He sidestepped every question directed to him with typical "Washington speak." Don Shimkus on the other hand at least attempted to answer the questions directed to him in the time allotted. The American people want to be heard, not labeled as "troublemakers" or worse at these townhall meetings. Our elected officials need to truly "listen" to the people and not just repeat their rehearsed litany.

Ordinary citizens write and phone their congressmen to no avail. It appears they are taking the only steps they have left to make their voices heard. Too bad it has to come to this!!!
"Tex" Derryberry.............Chesterfield.

I commend Larry and the producer for the fair and balanced approach to the healthcare debate. Allowing a Republican and Democrat to present both sides (although brief) was refreshing. You rarely see this approach on ABC or CBS Evening network news and never on NBC. Keep this up and you'll remain No. 1 in St. Louis for a long time.
Bill Shipman

I was very disappointed by Larry Conners interview with Senator Russ Carnahan. I thought Larry let him skate on the important questions he asked. I was impressed by the fact that Larry came back the next day and actually allowed us to see the disappointment of his viewers. I thought that was very gutsy. He could have just ignored the viewers concerns, but he didn't.
I was also very impressed with Larry Conners when he actually interviewed congressman John Shimkus, a Republican. I applaud Larry Conners.. it is not often we see time given to Republicans on TV. Thank you Larry for both sides of the story. I think this is the way it should be with the networks. Unfortunately, it is not.
Both sides of the story is healthy and maybe someone might learn something. What a concept.
Thank you very much for great reporting.

Mr. Conners,

The anger comes from Republicans lying their way through this health care reform.

In case you didn't see my original message I have included it. However, you are right about one thing "I've always said, in this business ... any mistake is "on its way to Mars". It can not be called back; any correction is on the next Mars' mission."

I would add though that Republicans have been lying about this bill from the start. There is only one bill actually written down HB3200. If you will go to you will find that the bill DOES NOT INCLUDE any funding for abortion.

I can also provide documentation regarding the lobbying firms supplying material for the Astroturfers, and people being deceived into protesting for the insurance companies. The protests on the pro reform side are a little more informed, on the con side I have my doubts.


Mr. Conners,

Either your favoritism was showing in a big way, or you were in an enormous hurry with Congressman Carnahan. Or didn't want to interview Congressman Carnahan.

Secondly, you gotta be kidding me. People are mad because "The Democrats are moving on legislation too fast." You gotta be kidding me!

No it wouldn't have a thing to do with wall street bonuses exceeding the amount of the bail out, this information provided by your own network Totally unsurprising <---------------- follow="" this="" link="" to="" cbs,="" and="" yet="" you="" didn't="" challenge="" shimkus="" on="" this,="" and="" 16%="" to="" 20%="" unemployment.="" or="" the="" 3="" to="" 7="" trillion="" that="" president="" bush="" spent="" in="" a="" desert="" hell="" hole!="" google="" iraq="" war="" and="" 3="" trillion.="" the="" budget="" surplus="" president="" clinton="" left="" was="" turned="" into="" a="" huge="" deficit="" by="" republicans="" with="" and="" illegal="" immoral="" war,="""" so="" yes="" people="" are="" protesting="" because="" "legislation="" is="" moving="" too="" fast."="" and="" you="" didn't="" challenge="" that="" bs?="" everyone="" has="" already="" traced="" the="" memo's="" from="" lobbying="" groups="" to="" the="" heritage="" foundation="" et="" all="" telling="" them="" to="" scream="" at="" health="" care="" forums="" with="" democrats.="" you="" didn't="" challenge="" him="" on="" that="">

Did you give him a cookie, and a rose on the way out the door? I hope you kissed his ring as well.



I will give your credit for answering my e-mail.

I really think your viewers would have rather had you force him to answer one question rather than have three questions asked with no answers.

Since I am on Social Security I am really afraid the Obama health plan will cut my medicl care. This will save money, cause me to die sooner and then the bonus is a saving for Social Security.

Glad that Larry C. interviewed Rep. Shimkus tonight.

Appreciate that Shimkus was asked SOME of the same questions that were posed to Carnahan. But, the questions that Carnahan did not answer truthfully were not asked (abortion, for one).

I do acknowledge that your station did make the effort to balance coverage.

Thank you.


i would like to thank larry forhaving mr shimkus on. although he did not answer all of my questions it was a much better exchange than the one with russ carnahan. i would like to ask a question with all the auto bail out money including the cash for clunkers why has the auto industry not said one word about bringing back some of their workers even though their supplies of cars seem to be dwindling. or is it a case of our bail out money being wasted thank you

I saw your Russ Carnahan interview last night. It was nice to see him on and it was good to see you try to wiggle the truth out of him. However, I keep seeing statements by others, including Sarah Palin, that the proposed health plan includes funding for abortion and abortion services as part of the general package. I read this in a draft of the bill at one point. Is there someone who can actually look at the bill and review it for what it actually says? I think Russ was deceptive and perhaps even untruthful in his responses last night in his interview with you. Can you take the challenge up a notch and see what's really in there?

To Larry Connors:
Carnahan successfully did not answer one question on the 10:00PM News last night posed by you - You did however disqualify yourself before the alleged interview alluding to your relaionship - You did mis-state that their would be no favors granted -in fact the whole discussion was a favor to Carnahan - this represents the sad state of journalism today and the absence of journalistic integrity

I want to know why Larry Conners did NOT insist that Russ Carnahan answer his questions? Carnahan did NOT answer ONE question. Bring Carnahan back and have Larry be an unbiased reporter and push for answers. It is disgusting that the media will NOT push for answers. The people voicing their objections to Obama's health care, Cash for Clunkers, etc. are doing what is their 1st amendment right, which the Congress (House and Senate) do NOT have the right to ignore. Just because you are an elected official does not mean you can choose to ignore the people who elected you. I want to hear about the health plan that ALL United States citizens get that includes all representatives, senators, presidents, etc. Why don't we, the people, get their gold-plated health care? If we are all in the same health care plan, then I'm sure it will be different than what is currently being proposed. There should be no "exclusive" health care for elected officials and their families. Let's hear them!
start lining up for the wonderful program they proposed. Russ Carnahan would NOT answer why he and his family aren't going to be in it. Opponents to the plan are not Republicans, tea party members, or pushed by insurance companies. The MAJORITY are people sick and tired of double standards by elected officials at the cost to the taxpayer - NOT to the elected officials.

Well done interview, Larry.

It is a black spot on America's history when belligerent bullies can disrupt civil discourse between
citizens and our elected officials.
If you want information, you have to be quiet and listen.
Arline K. Blackton

I thought you would enjoy this--I have a friend with a great sense of humor and
to me this how some Americans feel. I love your news casts and I shall
continue to watch KMOV and Larry Connors.

Larry- When you asked if Carnahan would accept the Obama plan instead of the cushy Senate care, he gave a typical run-a-round instead of an answer. Why did you let him get away with that?

Larry, I watched your interview with Mr. Carnahan - thanks to the station for allowing it. I am so disgusted right now I just turned off my computer and watched your news at 10 and am turning on the computer and doing this email!

I'm not sure what has so many so riled up over the health care issue because I personally know and have seen how screwed up the last 8 years has allowed the insurance situation to become a nightmare worse than ever. I have seen republicans - Newt Gingrich for one - out badmouthing the insurance proposal when in my opinion he needs to go back to hiding and is an embarrassment to the country.

That said, I have not read the entire insurance proposal but I have heard Obama speak about it and what it contains and I also heard him say that IF A PERSON IS INSURED AND LIKES WHAT HE/SHE HAS then there is NO NEED To change... has anyone else heard that? Seems not.

I also do not believe it covers abortions but the way around that is to call it a "D&C" (Dilation and curettage) which is how it was paid many years ago and not that I'm for tht but is what it is. I am not for cutting services provided and I am not sure it will but take a look at what Bush allowed to be cut from Medicare and I know that I'm thankful that Bush was not allowed to privatize Social Security since we on Soc Sec Income would have nothing these days.

I know preventive care is important, but I also am a victim of insurance being given the right to say things that are lies and untruths.

My question is what gives the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies the 'right' to control how a doctor does his/her job????

I was diagnosed with cancer in 1990 and survived that with only radiation and Nolvadex for 5 years. Sadly, March 5, 08 I was diagnosed with cancer of the right breast and of the endometrial lining. I had a mastectomy on Mar 24, 08 and a hysterectomy on May 5 - nearly died before the hysterectomy because a doctor to whom I was referred for the surgery did examine me for FIVE minutes and charged Medicare OVER $1500 JUST for that exam and then told me the cancer had not spread and would not spread and he'd do the surgery when he returned from some trip to south America to do a church 'thing' .... I was given such a run around because Secure Horizons which sold me a policy as a SUPPLEMENTAL to Medicare chose WITHOUT telling me to change the policy to a 'gatekeeper' policy and when I needed to use it a year and a half later I was given such a run around that perhaps I should write a book about it.... Because here I sit after this pompous ass of a doctor (Kevin Easley to whom I would NEVER refer anyone and he knows it) refused to do surgery because Secure Horizons did not authorize the surgery telling him I HAD NO INSURANCE and I did... and so I went to another doc this time at St. Luke's - a doc who was allowed by ins co to do the surgery but not before I needed TWO pints of blood and nearly died before the surgery ... they finally did surgery on May 5 ...four days prior to what was scheduled by the 2nd doc... anyway.... I needed nearly 5 units of blood from bleeding so badly and the cancer jumped to my appendix and to the Omentum which is the lining over the intestines and organs... that was gotten at the time of surgery...then the doc wanted to do chemo and I have such horrible chemical sensitivities for which I'm on disability, and am bothered by perfumes, air fresheners, sprays, and goofy stuff like that and it is a curse if anything... but .. things went well for a few months and in January of 09 I was diagnosed again with omentum (abdominal) cancer and chemo was started May 4 - we tried 3 months of pills and they worked the first month but not the 2nd and 3rd.... I have now had 4 chemo treatments and yes I feel like a truck hit me for the first two weeks but the next 2 are not so bad and then on the 29th day I have another on Aug 26 and then 28 days after that I hope and pray that these get it gone... after 3 the cancer was still there and not growing but not going away either. So trying to get over the anger at Bush and the manipulation he has allowed for the head honchoes to make very bad decisions and then to myself for not dealing with it all sooner ... I am just a wreck.

I have Medicare and Physicians Mutual Insurance now...and can't find a hungry attorney to help me sue United Health Care dba Secure Horizons...but my bills did get paid and I still got stuck for a fourth of my bills.

I could tell you stories about how Medicare is well was allowed to outsource telemarketing to recruit members to the MEDICARE REPLACEMENT insurances such as Secure Horizons and they not tell you ... Mohammad Hussan called me one day to solicit me ...for an appointment to talk about insurance... it was his wife calling from home because "MEDICARE PAYS ME TO DO THIS" .....
I was also told that Medicare does not care what prices docs submit for procedures ... they only pay what they think should be paid anyway.....I can write stories about how Bush has done in the prescriptions ... generics first then brand name must be 'begged for' ... and those of us like me who are not able to take most generics... still have to beg and IF we are lucky to get someone who understands, then we are 'allowed' to have DISPENSE AS WRITTEN honored... I was a pharmacy tech years ago ... and I know what is being done now is borderline illegal for those times... but Bush allowed changes that have made it OK to ignore what the doc has written...It's a mess!!!!

I am trying to watch what is going on with the health care issues but I wrote to Obama and explained that I thought he should cancel everyone's summer vacation and force them to compromise.... The republicans ARE NOT going to want to pay their share of the over $250k taxable amount and they should ..rather than hide it in offshore accounts. We the peons who have incomes and pay taxes no matter how much it leaves us to live on pay our share why should we support the wealthy? In the tax respect?

The CEO of United Health Care made BILLIONS in 08.... I don't see that as fair. The companies years ago prided themselves in their benefits packages and people stayed with the company for many years if not a working lifetime... and now what thanks did the republicans allow but to dump their retirement funds and boot them out before retirement.

I don't agree with anything the republicans are saying because they are the ones who allowed this insurance and pharmaceutical company mess to occur.....

You did not I agree, have enough time to discuss it all but have people listening.... And sadly,,,,, we need more truth to come out and Carnahan or any other democrat should not be bombarded with nasty comments when I'd bet most of the negative people have not even listened to the proposed changes much less read about them.

I'm sorry to make this so long but as I said, I'm praying that God grants me a couple of years or longer with this disease...I'm scared but it is in God's hands... I knit and stitch for my therapy but the next two months won't be easy but I need a good insurance and do pay for it to the tune of nearly $300 per month... plus Medicare $99 and on a fixed income it is tough.
I don't' see this plan as government issued but it is an attempt to help everyone be insured and I don't know why any one would not want to be insured. I don't feel they should be fined for not having or for having insurance. That was what Hillary wanted and now the republicans want that. Obama did not want that.

Thanks again for the great work you and Vickie do..... have a great weekend....Donna Durham

I was a dissenter last night - still am.

Your approach this evening was indicative of your dedication to get the truth out.

I still think Carnahan was dealing from the bottom of the deck - yuo maintained you integrity.
Keep up the good work.

Hi Larry,
I appreciate your interview with Russ Carnahan. Now, how about hearing another view with Todd Akin. My comments on Carnahan are he didn't answer some of the questions. And particularly the question on abortion. They have worded so that it doesn't say tax-payer support on abortions, but it is hidden and they have side stepped the issue. I believe are health care needs some help, but do they have to go in so drastically! This administration has spent way too much money!
I hope you can schedule Todd Akin for an interview, sadly there isn't much time.
Thank you for listening,
Rosemary Ganz

It's amazing to me how negative a lot of people are about the government health care program. Veterans have government health care and we have medicare which is government run. I bet Americans don't want to see these programs go away. They may not be perfect, but they are successful government health programs that work and we should be thankful to have them. I bet no one wants social security to go away. It's a goverment program that has worked well all these years and I know Americans don't want to give up social security. So America give national health care a chance. If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to go anywhere and choose your health care provider, good for you. For the rest of us, something is better than nothing at all. I feel the government has done well enough on medicare and Va health care benefits and this venture will turn out good too! So for all the haves, back off and let the rest of America have health benefits.

Dear Mr. conners,

I was forced to turn off your interview with Mr. Carnahan after your first question. I was hoping your interview would be different, but I knew after the first question yours would be the same as all of the other mainstream media interviews. You asked if he had read the bill-- answer was he had been briefed on the entire bill and would get more briefing on some last minute changes. A hard hitting, responsible journalist would have follwed with-- so you are telling me you personally did not read the bill! Instead you let him skate away. Why????????? Why did you not follow up with the logical question?

Robert Long


It has been a long time since I have seen you or talked to you. I do not think you a prejudiced for either side I am sure you have your opinion on the health plan. Everyone should be able to have their and that is ok. I will continue to watch channel4. Now how is your golf I had both knees replaced and not doing as good as I would like. We were in Arizona when Val passed away and could not attend his funeral. Maybe some day we can have lunch.

Bob Dimmitt


I'm sure after all your years in TV you have a very thick skin, but it sickens me to read those venomous emails you got after your interview.

What's so frustrating is WE KNOW we're not biased, but there's no way to convince extremists on the right and left. They hear what they want to hear. They love to blame us and nitpick every word we say (as if every word that comes out of our mouths on air is premeditated).

The funny thing is, these people who claim you're biased wouldn't think so if you were disrespectful to the Congressman. However, THAT would certainly make it seem as if you WERE biased against him, but that wouldn't bother the zealots because you'd be on their side. What hypocrites!

Anyway, just wanted you to know this was on my mind.

Mark Schnyder

I was going to respond to your comments point by point, but after reading your blog post and the dozens of viewer comments on the original news story, there's really nothing to add. I will say this. I can't speak for anyone else, but I have come to expect better from you and from Channel 4. That's why this episode is so disappointing. As you say, time was limited so maybe asking nine questions in six minutes was over reaching on your part. I could be wrong, but I suspect most of us would have been much happier to have actual answers to two or three questions as opposed to non-answers, or outright lies in response to nine questions.

Carnahan's comments at his "news conference" today are more revealing than anything he said last night on Channel 4.

Mike Buckley

Thank you, never thought you'd respond to my comments but I do appreciate that you did so. I can handle being in the minority but, in this case, I continue to believe you did a good job with the Carnahan interview so perhaps the majority is wrong -- this time.

As I saw it you presented several important questions about which Mr. Carnahan spoke much and said nothing at all (no answer to the question) or he lied (his response to your question about federal tax dollars to support abortions was not truthful.)

Now I will be truthful -- I rarely watch local TV news programs because they too often fail to present both sides of a story. ABC, CBS and NBC have editorial politices which have drifted too far to the left and there are other sources of news presenting a broader, more balanced exchange of information. A friend telephoned last evening because he'd seen KMOV at 10PM. He had no comment about your part of the interview but he was furious with Mr. Carnahan's responses. I went to the KMOV website and watched the video of the interview to see what had so upset my friend. Thanks again for your thoughtful follow-up to my message. Joyce

I was surprised you tried to squeeze such an interview into such a tight time frame as the 10pm news. Also, that you didn't just feed him a bunch of softball questions. I think the best way to get these guys to explain what they voted for is to read to them the text of some of those 1000 pages, and ask them if they know they voted for that. Fred

Mr. Conners:

As I stated that I had a lot of respect for you in the past and I respect you as a Harley rider, gun enthustic, poker player and most of all your service in the United States Marine Corp. However, given the fact that a question was asked from a viewer and Russ Carnahan refused to answer it makes me wonder where your loyalty lies. You were given the responsibility to ask Mr. Carnahan that question and that individual deserves respect and an showed neither. That, my friend is where the LIBERAL aspect comes into play. There are some liberals out there believe it or not that ride Harlies, own guns, play cards and served in the U.S. Military proudly. Labling you as a liberal has nothing to do with your life style, but it has everything to do with your loyalty and the way of reporting the news and interviews.

dear larry, i switched to you and vickie about a year ago from channel 5 because i thought you were less political. i was shocked to see you interview russ carnahan without promising to air a segment with a member of congress with different and more conservative views to represent those of us who are opposed to the current health care legislation. i think you would find todd alkin of the 2nd district to be more than worthy to discuss the legislation from a different viewpoint shared by many of your audience. you closed the interview with the congressman by saying "we'll do it again'. i hope not before you take a look at other views if you wish to continue the discussion with all fairness. id like to stick with 4 so ill be watching to see how it goes. sincerely yours, jean stemmler

Unreal! What's worse is headlines where the Illinois Senator is claiming protests are orchestrated. I guess as long as you can't read or just blindly agree with the Democrats in congress, you shouldn't care about the health care reform bill before congress. Makes me sick to think this could pass and that Senators have the nerve to complain when people are fired up about its contents!

The Youtube video you showed at 6:00 was not the entire incident. There are numerous videos out there that show what really happened. No one was allowed to take Signs of any kind into the Meeting. The gentleman was asking Ms Johnson to put down her banned sign.

Claire was even trying to get Ms Johnson's attention without success. She asked, repeatedly , "Maam, Maam, Maam!" But the woman would not acknowledge her.
My impression was, the Gentleman that removed the Banned sign from Ms Johnson was no doubt tired of everyone being ignored by Ms. Johnson.

For you to air the tirade about Racism by that woman was in very poor taste. Where was the interview with the Gentleman that was removed by the police too?

A Viewer,
Renee Pellegrino

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