You've heard the phrase: Preaching to the choir. What good does that do? Here's another question: what good does it do when the preacher listens only to the choir? Consider the following.

Congressman Russ Carnahan says he wants to hear what Americans think of the proposed health care reform package. Previously, he held a public forum; it did not go well --- shouting, name calling, obscene gestures and some fighting outside which ended in arrests.

So today, Congressman Carnahan held a "closed" forum.

In truth ... it was a staged event ... stacked in favor health care reform.

Channel 4 reporter Laurie Waters pointed out those facts; she made it very clear that the participants were selected by the Democrats, had health insurance and supported health care reform. The three participants met with Congressman Carnahan in a home.

Now, before I continue .. I want to emphasize ... regardless of how the participants were selected ... even regardless of their expressed support for health care reform ---- they had serious issues and wanted Congressman Carnahan's ear.

One of the participants, Connie Cominsky, said she was diagnosed with a genetic brain disorder; she's losing her balance and her speech is affected. She has insurance, but one of her doctors advised her that she is no longer accepting that insurance. So, Connie has to find a new doctor, and she's worried about what help she can get with her pre-existing condition.

Another participant, Deborah Castillo and her husband, also have insurance. Their adopted son is diagnosed with schizophrenia;insurance company restrictions mean that she has to rely on Medicaid.

Those are the stories Congressman Carnahan heard.

They are heart breaking, and they reflect similiar stories from hundreds of thousands of Americans.

To that extent, this "forum" was successful for the participants and Congressman Carnahan.


Where are those who object to the health care reform proposals? Where are those who fear that the government is going to make health care worse? Where are any of those voices of opposition, fear?

Congressman Carnahan didn't hear from any of them.

Oh, he knows they exist, but if he plans to submit a vote on the health care plan by not truly listening ... well, what do you think happens?



Hello Larry. After watching your comments this evening I had to e-mail you with a comment. You said that you thought Russ Carnahan should have had some of the opposing view in his last meeting I disagree. The reason being that the people opposing health care reform are just yelling and shouting so that no one else can speak favorably about it. They really don't have any ideas to help just repeating what they have heard from Conservative talk show hosts! When they talk against you and your reporting it shows me that they can't be reasoned with and are just being bullies about it.Nothing anyone says will satify them Richard Fones.

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