Experts offer tips on buying, selling used phones to make money -

Experts offer tips on buying, selling used phones to make money

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Buying and selling used phones and electronics is a popular way to save or make money. With Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5, thousands of customers will be looking to upgrade and sell their older-model phones.

 But doing business online with popular sites like Craiglist comes with some risk.

Many people buy a phone and later learn that is stolen. So how do you keep this from happening to you?

Local phone retailers say it’s a common problem, but you can protect yourself. St. Charles County-based eTech Solutions hears about the issue all the time. They recommend consumers get as much information about the person they are buying from as possible. They also say people should ask for a copy of the seller’s driver’s license and contact information.

As with any online deal, it’s best to meet in public. eTech Solutions recommends buyers meeting at the company store where they plan to activate the mobile device. When buyers meet to make the purchase, they should check with the provider to make sure no one has reported the phone stolen.

News 4’s Emily Rau is talking to experts and will let us know what they say about the most common mistakes when it comes to buying phones online at News 4 at 5 p.m.


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