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Woman waits months for baby photos after paying over $500

ST. ANN, Mo. (KMOV) -- A St. Ann woman says she is still waiting for baby photos months after she paid a photographer hundreds of dollars to capture them.

Tabatha Galicia's says she wanted to show off her young son, Julian, to family and friends. So she paid $550 to have Tonya Nickles with Expression Photography to take photos of him.

"I thought it was worth it to have that moment captured, of my son," said Galicia.

Galacia says she paid Nickles on June 8 and the pictures were taken June 19.

Galacia says she has not been mailed any proofs or discs with pictures on them.

"I've received nothing," she said.

Galacia said Nickles claimed she sent the photos, but that they probably got lost.

"(She said) she would resend them," Galacia recalls. "I've never received contact verifying address saying, 'hey, they've been sent out again.'"

Galacia insists it's not from her lack of trying.

7:00-06  sent the same exact message the first of july, no response,  the 6th of july, same message, no response..))

News 4 visited Nickles' O'fallon studio to get her side of the story, but no one was there.

However, she was reached by phone.

Nickles declined an interview, but said she never promises anyone a time frame when they can expect to recieve photos. She claims she mailed them and believes they were possibly lost in the mail. She also said she was unaware Galacia hadn't recieved the pictures.

Nickles said she had not responded to any of Galacia's text messages because she was out of town for some time due to a family illness.

Though Nickles said she was working to get the pictures Galacia before News 4 contacted her, she said she didn't put the picture CDs in the mail until after the phone call.

Galacia's photo CD and proofs both arrived in the mail on Wednesday.

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