Franklin County emergency responder software running behind schedule, causing headaches -

Franklin County emergency responder software running behind schedule, causing headaches

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo ( -- Software designed to improve the response times of firefighters and paramedics in Franklin County has been delayed so long, some are wondering if it will ever get used.

It was part of a million-dollar upgrade in emergency communications equipment.

News 4 went to Franklin County Wednesday to ask when residents will get the improvements they were promised.

“Well the majority of the million dollars has been effective,” said Sheriff Gary Toelke. “It’s up and working and running.”

But the last piece of the emergency system upgrades—software to improve response times called a CAD system, is months behind schedule.

The computer-aided dispatch software is supposed to be able to figure out, based on the emergency call that comes in, what’s the best equipment to send- a ladder truck, a brush fire truck or a rescue truck. Then find the nearest equipment and send it quickly. So far, it hasn’t done anything quickly except cause a lot of headaches.

The software was supposed to go on 911 dispatchers computers. We asked, but no one is being singled out for blame.

Boles Fire Protection District Chief Jim Casey is on the board overseeing the upgrades.

“I think it was just a misunderstanding from all parties,” he said. “It’s hard to pinpoint everybody, who all was at fault.”

Miscommunication with the software vender and between Franklin County officials has been one problem. Another was with computer compatibility.

“We have computer people who come out twice a week to fix the issues that we have, that’s just the computer world,” said Toelke. “You know they’re nice but their a problem too.”

The sheriff says communication and technical issues have been resolved and the new software should be online in a couple of months.


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