News 4 investigates background of possible suspect in MHP shooting -

News 4 investigates background of possible suspect in MHP shooting

In Jeffrey Weinhaus’ most recent web video, he singles out the Missouri Highway Patrol.

In Weinhaus’ writings and videos, he complains about the judicial system calling lawyers, police, and judges thieves.

In a video uploaded September 9, he says the MHP took his computer equipment and cameras.

Weinhaus says he showed “great restraint” during the incident and says he believes the MHP was setting him up to fire at them.

He also talks about spending time in a mental institution, but says that “no one should get hurt especially you cops out there.”

“All you captains, majors and command staff of the Missouri Highway Patrol- you guys have got a bunch of devils in you they’re all masons,” Weinhaus said in his video. “You know masons pretty much run the whole show. You ever notice when you call Jefferson City you dial 751 to get to Jeff City? What’s seven plus five plus one? It’s thirteen.”

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Weinhuas’ history with the courts goes back to 1991 in Missouri. It’s peppered with multiple protection and restraining orders.

In 2003 he was sentenced to a week of what’s known as shock time a shorter sentence  on a harrassment charge.

In 2006 - he was held for a 21-day hold by the department of mental health, and in 2007, he pleaded guilty to assault charges for attacking a highway worker in a construction zone.


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