Vaughn: If it werent for bad luck, the Rams would have no luck at all -

Vaughn: If it werent for bad luck, the Rams would have no luck at all

(Football StL) -- The Rams have had plenty of problems in recent years that were their own doing. No one to blame but themselves for some of the bad draft picks and poor coaching hires. But on another level, this team is just plain unlucky. We’ve seen several cases of that after just the first week of regular season play.

The Rams lost two of the starters on the offensive line. Roger Saffold had to be carted off the field on a stretcher Sunday in Detroit. Saffold suffered a severe neck strain and is out indefinitely.

Center Scott Wells was also hurt in the Lions game. He broke a bone in his foot and has been placed on the injured reserve list. He’ll miss at least six weeks. Wells was a Pro Bowler with Green Bay. The Rams were very happy to sign him to a big free-agent contract, but now they’ll have to find a different center for at least half the season.

The Rams' bad luck extends to other areas as well. They were victimized by the clock operator in Detroit. He stopped the clock after Sam Bradford slid to the turf to avoid a tackle with 2:38 left in the fourth quarter. The clock should have continued running. The 40 second play clock did continue running, so it was out of sync with the game clock. Jeff Fisher had to call a timeout with 2:03 remaining in the half to avoid a delay of game penalty. Had the game clock not stopped, the Rams could have allowed it to go to the 2:00 warning, and then force Detroit to use its last remaining time-out to stop the clock after the Rams third down play.

The Lions wouldn’t have had that time-out in their pocket during their final drive down the field, and that likely meant they would have been limited in their ability to use the middle of the field. Instead, they used their final time-out to their advantage and wound up beating the Rams with a touchdown with 10 seconds remaining in the game.

Hopefully the Rams luck will change this Sunday with Washington coming to the dome. The Rams will have to deal with the Redskins sensational rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, whom they could have drafted with the second overall pick this past April. The Rams instead traded the pick for several other future picks. They wound up taking defensive tackle Michael Brockers in the first round. He’s already injured and out indefinitely. If it weren’t for bad luck, the Rams would have no luck at all.


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