Salmonella detected in two local elementary school students -

Salmonella detected in two local elementary school students

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – The St. Louis Health Department has confirmed two new cases of Salmonella infections at an area elementary school.

The infections were detected in two Uthoff Valley Elementary students.

The St. Louis Health department first contacted Uthoff Valley Principal Connie Browning Thursday about the most recent confirmed cases of the infection.

“We know that the health department is doing an investigation but we don’t know that there’s any connection with our school other than the fact that these two students attend our building,” said Uthoff Valley Principal Connie Browning.

Dr. Faisal Kahn, head of communicable disease control for St. Louis County, has seen twice the number of salmonella cases this year than this time last year.

“There is no clear explanation for it,” he said. “Those numbers can increase or decrease slightly from year to year.”

With no explanation and no definite answer as to how the students fell ill, Dr. Kahn said parents should be aware that the infections are not unusual.

“…We do see these cases during the summer,” he said. “You can prevent this from happening.”

Dr. Kahn said washing hands is one of the best ways to stop the spread of Salmonella.

Browning says student safety is the number one priority at Uthoff Valley.

“We teach them all those good safety things,” she said.

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