Can Missouri really beat Georgia? -

Can Missouri really beat Georgia?

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

Question:  In your heart of hearts, can Missouri really beat Georgia on Saturday?

Steve Savard, News 4 Sports Director
If the game was scheduled for Athens or in a few weeks, I'd pick Georgia. Everything being equal, I think Georgia is the better team. But everything isn't equal. For starters, Mizzou will benefit from a frenzied home field advantage. Second, Mark Richt's teams don't play their best football in September. They're much better in October and November. And I think Georgia has all the pressure. The Bulldogs have to justify a top ten ranking and uphold SEC honor. Advantage Mizzou. I'll pick the Tigers to win a nail biter. 

Brian Feldman, News 4 Sports
While I see this as an extremely competitive game that will come down to the last few drives in the 4th quarter, I don't see Mizzou pulling this one out in the end.  Georgia is a little bit more balanced on both sides of the ball...and I question the Tigers depth along the offensive line.  While Columbia is going to be absolutely rocking, the players will be pumped and sheer adrenaline will carry them a long way...I got the Bulldogs by 3.

Doug Vaughn, News 4 Sports
Missouri has spent a lot of time preparing for their first SEC game. They should have some surprises in store for Georgia, not to mention about 72,000 wild fans on their side. Mizzou will beat Georgia 34-27.

Scott Bierman, Sports
Missouri can't beat Georgia.  But Georgia can beat Georgia.

Kyle Tons, Missouri Football App
I believe the game will be very close.  I think both teams excel at many different things and at the end of the game, I expect the adrenaline pumping through the Tigers will help them squeak by Georgia with a final score of 34-31.

JJ Bailey,
Missouri WILL win on Saturday. The Tigers, more often than not, play to the moment. The did that at home against #1 Oklahoma, they went to Lincoln and mopped Big Red and they took Arkansas out back when they were relegated to the Cotton Bowl.  First year in the SEC, a new field, new uniforms, and a chance to change a legacy. All Xs and Os aside, the Tigers will have the maximum amount of momentum possible. Sometimes that's better than talent.

Dan Greenwald,
The Tigers will pull off the upset because they believe many think they don't belong in college football's best conference. Call it the “no respect factor.” The Tigers want to make a clear statement in this game.

Tell us what you think: In your heart of hearts, do you expect Mizzou will beat Georgia? Share your thoughts.

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