Ready for a Mizzou miracle? -

Ready for a Mizzou miracle?

(Missouri Football App) -- In every season there is a magical point. It’s usually the point before the first game, but in college football it’s the week before the first game that matters.

Sure, week one is fun, but until you play a worthy opponent, it’s no better than the preseason in the NFL. But the eve of that first big game- that’s when the season can be anything. It’s that beautiful, care-free moment where the storyline is unwritten. Miracles can happen, legends can be born, and this could be the year.

Now, do I expect Missouri to run the table and bring home the BCS championship? No. They may not even win nine games. But this week, it’s still a possibility. Until that first loss, our movie has no ending.

When game time rolled around last Saturday, I remember feeling wildly excited. It wasn’t just a new season, it was clean slate. It was a brand new field, brand new uniforms and a brand new future.

Everything that has happened to this point- all the bad losses, embarrassing interceptions and pathetic efforts- it no longer exists. We’re free, and we can write the next chapter from scratch.

Sure, we can’t leave our history behind- it earned us our place here. But this is the absolute best place to be. We have no expectations in the SEC. We’re a brand new team. Right now, we belong until they prove we don’t.

Georgia is our first test. If we win, then we plant our flag in the SEC with authority. This whole new look, this new turf and re-energized fan base are all worth it. The ride continues on and the season is still unwritten.

The Bulldogs are ranked in the top 10. They are an established SEC school on the rise in status and talent. Aaron Murray is a longtime favorite of mine, and could be in the top five quarterbacks in the country before all this is finished. I could continue to list additional reasons why the Georgia is a tough week two opponent, but you already know them. However, I don’t think they will matter Saturday night.

The matchup has been reviewed position by position, but as everyone knows, college football doesn’t always follow matchups. In fact, it often doesn’t. All the talent in the world ends up meaning nothing if a team has the momentum and the wild-eyed belief that the day is theirs.

Missouri hasn’t had four weeks to stress about the game. The Tigers haven’t over-thought, overanalyzed, or over-planned. It’s week two and they have a whooping under their belt, and all the momentum they could ask for.

The stadium will be packed, the field still fresh and the fans as wild as they have ever been. Mizzou can still be anything, and when Sunday gets here, they’ll be the team that beat Georgia.

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