Des Peres residents split in fight over creek erosion -

Des Peres residents split in fight over creek erosion

DES PERES, Mo ( -- Des Peres residents along Two-Mile Creek want answers from MSD about a million-dollar project to fight erosion along the creek.

Residents told News 4 they’re divided over how to handle the problem.

The problem they have is just about everybody agrees that something has to be done along Two Mile Creek to stop the erosion.

But they don’t agree on the solution.

Residents came armed with videos. One homeowner said the heavy rains turn a small suburban creek into what he called a ‘raging river.’“I don’t have to worry about trees falling down,” said one resident. “I have no trees left in my backyard” But there’s no agreement on how to solve the problem.

Some residents argue that MSD’s plan to build a modular block wall like this one in nearby Ladue would lead to what some call ‘mosquito housing developments.’

Over the years the subdivision has grown, and storm water solutions have become a growing problem.

“You are taking a problem created by hard surfaces and solving it with more hard surfaces,” complained on resident.

Even though work had already begun, MSD put the project on hold last month to address concerns from the residents.

Some Thursday night were afraid this could mean the end of the million-dollar project altogether.

MSD says it has come up with what it believes to be the best option, and it will not walk away completely from what has been done, but it also did not commit to finishing the project.

A decision could come next week.


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