St. Charles residents, businesses at odds over Main St. -

St. Charles residents, businesses at odds over Main St.

ST. CHARLES ( -- Wednesday, News 4 first told you about a push from certain businesses on South Main Street to have the city lift the ban on live music if they serve alcohol.


Some say it’s ridiculous that a winery can’t even an acoustic guitar in the dining room.

“I would say that we’ve lost over 100 events a year since we’ve been here, so total of 1500,” said Little Hills Winery owner David Campbell.

But some residents say it isn’t worth the risk.

“I definitely want to see the merchants succeed but it does affect property value, our way of living, parking, vandalism” said Meredith New.

Police records show several incidents in the area in a two day span; two for drunk driving and another for peace disturbance and property damage on Main St.

“At night when the bars close, alcoholics drive through here and my neighbor has had at least five vehicles hit,” said resident Noel Steinmann.

Steinmann fears looser laws will only make matters worse; especially since heavy police presence on North Mail has not deterred the party scene.  

“We have enough trouble handling North Main, how can we handle another eight to ten blocks?”

Police say their patrols on North Main are working. The department spokesman says they are not aware of residents on South Main or nearby neighborhoods having issues, but says they’ll look into it.

The mayor of St. Charles, Sally Faith, started a Main St. security task force to deal with the problem.

News 4 tried to contact her several times today and did not hear back.


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