St. Charles business owners fighting for lift on live music ban -

St. Charles business owners fighting for lift on live music ban

ST. CHARLES, Mo ( -- Some restaurant owners on Main Street in St. Charles are fighting to change the city’s music rules.


They say the ban on live music is hurting business.

But some neighbors fear live music on South Main could mean rowdy crowds and more crime.

“We are responsible business owners, we understand what ambiance means to the city and nobody wants to threaten that,” said Tammy Campbell. Tammy and her husband David have owned the Little Hills Winery and Restaurant on South Main for 15 years.

It’s one of nine venues on South Main Street that serve alcohol, and therefore cannot host live music. The couple says the restrictions are costing them valuable chances to grow their business.

“I would say that we’ve lost over 100 events a year since we’ve been here, so total of 1500,” said David.

They’ve petitioned the city council to change the decades-old ordinance because they say whether it’s casual weekday dining or a wedding reception, they can’t compete with other  establishments right down the street.

But just one block up the road, some residents aren’t so sure.

“North Main is a prime example of what could happen to our neighborhood,” said one resident named Meredith.

Those who oppose it think live music mixed with alcohol could bring more trouble with parking, vandalism, and public drunkenness.

“It’s already tough to monitor down there, now adding nine more bars with music and alcohol?” Meredith cautioned.  

But the Campbells say it’s about fairness.

“Every location but nine—they’re the haves. Us nine are the have-nots. We want to join the club!” said David.  

The city council has not officially introduced this as a bill—some council members want to see it amended to allow live music—but only inside the restaurants.

The owners of the Little Hills Winery tell News 4 that would be a step in the right direction, but not quite where they want to be.

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