City adds special enforcement downtown this week -

City adds special enforcement downtown this week

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

The City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police department will be amping up its coverage downtown this weekend in an effort improve city health, welfare and safety.   

Starting Wednesday through the weekend the City and Metropolitan Police Department will focus on a stretch of Locust Street just west of 14th street to increase public safety and public health.

These blocks of Locust have become a gathering place for many homeless individuals.  Nearby residents of this area are concerned about the unsanitary conditions with people defecating and urinating on the street and sidewalks, have noticed very young children spending the night outside, and have reported excessive drinking and drug use resulting in fights, excessive noise, and other altercations.

 The City and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department have developed a plan to keep that area clean and provide services to the homeless people who congregate there. 

Starting Wednesday, the Department of Human Services, Health Department, and Salvation Army, will be providing aid and services to the individuals in this area including: food, shelter, health screenings, and hygiene kits, working especially to get children off the streets and into the Crisis Nursery.  The Streets Department will also be sending crews to thoroughly wash the street and sidewalk.

 The Streets Department will temporarily block off that specific area to pedestrians and traffic beginning September 5th.  Parking will be restricted on both sides of the 1400 block of Locust Street and the east side of 15th Street from Locust to St. Charles Streets. The Police department will also provide an increased presence during this time.

 The City and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department will continue this special enforcement through the weekend and continue on an as-needed basis.

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