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Extensive storm damage in Fayette County, IL

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By Matt Sczesny /News4 By Matt Sczesny /News4
By Matt Sczesny /News4 By Matt Sczesny /News4
By Matt Scezsny /News4 By Matt Scezsny /News4

RAMSEY, Ill. (KMOV) -- Wednesday’s storms ripped through Fayette County Illinois, damaging homes and destroying roofs. 

In Ramsey, the storm tore the roof off a mobile home, where the four residents living there were luckily able to escape injury.

“My cousin looked out the window and said grandma’s roof is gone,” said Meagan Coleman.

She and two others inside ran for shelter in another house, but her 74-year-old grandfather refused to leave.

“I was just crying and crying, we finally came down here and inside there was water just pouring in looked like a pond in there and we got things out of the way so nothing got damaged. I guess after the roof ripped off he got in his other chair and started rolling out and someone got him.”

The storm brought down trees and branches and also put holes in several Ramsey residents' roofs. One of them was Police Chief Ronnie Stevens.

Stevens said his wife was at work and he was out warnign the town when a tree crashed through his roof.

“My phone started going off with warning i never seen before and got up and looked on kmov channel four news and saw kent say there was a warning for ramsey." Stevens then set off the tornado siren. Residents say the siren gave them five minutes of warning before the storm hit.

No injuries have been reported.

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