Clayton: Motorist beaten by possible police impersonator -

Clayton: Motorist beaten by possible police impersonator

Clayton ( – Police in Clayton are on the lookout for a man who attacked a female motorist Wednesday morning. Investigators say this could be a case of road rage or someone impersonating a police officer.

Clayton Police Chief Tom Byrne tells News 4’s Russell Kinsaul the incident happened just after 8 a.m. at Hanley Road and Polo Drive.

Byrne says a woman in her 30s was driving down Hanley when she was pulled over by a man driving a car that resembled a police car. The dark Crown Victoria had flashing lights and a spotlight.

The woman says the driver of the car used the spotlight to light up her car, so she pulled over on Polo Drive. Moments later she said a man wearing a gray polo shirt with an oval badge and dark pants approached her vehicle, opened the door, pulled her out of the car and punched her in the face.

Police say the man then threw the woman to the ground in the grass along the roadway. Investigators say that as the man was standing over the woman, she managed to throw her head back quickly, hitting the attacker in the crotch. He doubled over, she got away and called police.

The suspect is described as being a white male in his mid 30s, about 6-feet tall, 190 pounds with short dark brown hair that is slightly longer on top and a goatee beard.

The victim says the man was wearing something on the left side of his belt, which could have been a holster and could indicate the attacker is left handed.

Chief Byrne says it could be a road rage situation involving a security guard or a police officer heading in to work.

The chief does remind citizens that they do need to pull over when a police officer is behind them. If a driver us unsure about whether the police officer is genuine, they can call the station to verify the officer's identity before they interact with the officer and request that a marked car come to the scene.

Stay with News 4 and for the latest on this developing story.

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