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On campus: Mizzou star gets mixed reviews about trash-talk

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

COLUMBIA, Mo. (Missouri Football App) -- Mizzou’s junior defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson had some words that are stirring up the hype about Mizzou’s first game as a member of the Southeastern Conference against the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday night.

Following Mizzou’s historic win on Saturday, reporters asked Richardson if he watched Georgia’s game on Saturday and his response is creating some chatter around campus.

“I watched that game. I turned it off, too," said Richardson.  "It's like watching Big Ten football. It's old-man football."

Students have mixed feelings about these comments.  Some like that Richardson is doing a little bit of trash-talking to continue building the prominence of what’s sure to be a ridiculous event, not just a football game, in Columbia, Missouri.  Richardson’s not only saying the Bulldogs play the game like an “old-man”, but is associating the entire Big Ten conference with that label as well.

Other people around town wish Richardson had kept his mouth shut.  The Bulldogs are ranked 7th in the nation and anything that could motivate their players anymore is probably a bad thing.

School officials are projecting more than 70,000 fans to be watching the Tigers first game against a member of the SEC since joining the elite conference.

This game is not only historic in terms of Mizzou’s athletic conference affiliation, but Richardson’s comments added to the amount of people planning to flock to Columbia, even without a ticket, is going to be something the university has never seen before.

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