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3949 Lindell Apartments residents angry over treatment

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) --  Residents of a recently burned down apartment building are fuming over how they are being treated.

Residents who lived in 3949 Lindell Apartments had to leave their personal belongings behind when the fire engulfed the building a month and a half ago. They claim the owners of the building, which is being demolished, are not doing enough to help them reclaim their personal items.

"The level of frustration is super duper high," said former resident David Liu.

News 4 reported shortly after the fire that some residents were able to salvage their belongings. Others, however, were not because inspectors deemed the section of the complex they live in to be unsafe. The residents' frustration grew when they saw appliances being removed from the same section they are not allowed into.

News 4 and the residents' attorney went to the management office of EDR Collegiate Housing, the owners of the apartments, but were told cameras were not allowed inside the office. News 4 later contacted the company's VP of Corporate Communication Susan Jennings who says EDR contracted a demolition company to handle the appliances because they must be disposed of in an environmentally safe way. She also told News 4 that the Demo team assumes responsibility for its own safety and there is nothing more that EDR can do for the residents.

Attorney Jay Kanzler sees otherwise.

"Obviously the company hasn't been very cooperative with the folks. Unfortunately, it looks like some kind of legal action stopping them from tearing down the building is needed until these folks have the opportunity to get their personal belongings out," Kanzler said.

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