Blackhawk helicopter lands in woman's backyard -

Blackhawk helicopter lands in woman's backyard

ELLETTSVILLE, In (KMOV)  - A woman recently received quite the surprise when a  helicopter landed in her backyard.

A military Blackhawk helicopter hovered over Nikki Schultz' home and  landed in her backyard on a recent afternoon. The helicopter was accompanied by armed guards. The incident gave her the shock of her life.

"I saw it coming right through this clearing here, where the tree is just right through here. I saw it coming this way and it was low and I thought oh my gosh! It's going to crash in my backyard," Schultz said. "I got a bunch of men with guns and I'm home alone."

The helicopter and armed guards were searching for marijuana plants. It turns out there was a sizeable crop growing in the woods behind Schultz' home. She does not own the property and will not be facing any charges.

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