Don't try to figure out the Cardinals -

Don't try to figure out the Cardinals

(BaseballStL) -- This has been one of those years where the Cardinals are an impossible team to figure out. They have the best offense in the National League, yet go through incredibly rough dry spells where they struggle to score runs. They've managed only one run in the last three games, and that was courtesy of a throwing error by Washington's Ryan Zimmerman.

Just about the time you think you've got a good feel for how this team will play, they'll surprise you. After the 19th inning loss to the Pirates we worried that the Cardinals would be demoralized, and were surely headed for a disasterous  road trip. Then they take two out of three from the Reds and win the opener of the series in Pittsburgh. Then it looked like they had finally found their stride and were about to put together that winning streak we've waited for all season.

Nope, the opposite happened. They lost their next two games in Pittsburgh, and then dropped the opener in Washington. They really haven't even been competitive in the last three games. Now that Rafael Furcal is hurt, based on the odd way things have gone this season, I would expect the Cardinals to get red hot and find a way to challenge Cincinnati for the Central division title.

Daniel Descalso will be an important guy over the last month of the season. It seems likely that he'll get the lions share of the playing time now that Furcal is injured. Descalso can handle the position defensively, but he's given the Cardinals very little offensively this season. He's hitting a less than intimidating .220 with three homeruns and 17 rbi's. Yikes! Pete Kozma has been brought up from Memphis to be the back-up, but he hasn't hit much in the minor leagues and there's no reason to believe he'll suddenly catch fire in the majors. Ryan Jackson was just sent down to Memphis, so he can't be recalled for 10 days.

Who would have thought we'd miss Tyler Greene. The Cardinals gave him away to Houston, where he's now the Astros everyday shortstop. Since taking over that job Greene is hitting a respectable .250 with three doubles, four homers and six rbi's. Descalso isn't likely to hit that as a regular in the Cardinals line-up, but just when you think you've got things figured out with this team something crazy happens. Maybe Descalso will continue with the trend, and help us forget how good Rafael Furcal has been as the Cardinals regular shortstop.

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