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Potosi woman faces hefty electric bill due to faulty equipment

POTOSI, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A Potosi woman is upset when she receives a $1300 electric bill after it was determined her meter was broken.

Stella McNaughton showed News 4 only a few of the bills she received over the past 13 months:
November: $8.43
February: $8.51
April: $8.34

A few weeks ago Stella received a letter stating that her meter had stopped working and that she now owes $1300 as a result.

“When they finally told me ‘well, your meter was bad,’ well they should have checked it a long time ago,” Stella said.  “They didn’t say anything about that.”

Ameren’s letter states the company noticed Stella’s meter was not working on August 2 and will now charge her an estimate from last August until now based on her average electricity use from the time the meter was fixed earlier this month until August 11.

“And without knowing the meter was broken, we do everything in our power to correct what we know about,” Dan Walter, Ameren UE official, said.

This story presents an interesting discussion.  If you miss a payment, you are sure to hear from Ameren, but if their equipment stops working as it did in this case, it is the customer’s responsibility to alert them to a possible issue.  Let Mike Colombo know what you think on his Facebook page.

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