Metro plans to increase security following recent attacks -

Metro plans to increase security following recent attacks

ST. LOUIS ( – Metro Transit officials tell News 4 the latest attack at a train station started in the parking lot and was caught on a surveillance camera.  The officials also debunk a witness’ account that a security stood and watched the attack.

“We have roving patrols who hop on trains based on intel,” Richard Zott, Metro’s Head of Security, said.  “We have got the security guards and we have undercover police officers.”

Metro employs one hundred armed security officers who are employees at Metro or are with a contracted security company, but nearly half are local police officers who work full-time for Metro.

Other guards may wear a security vests and officials say those guards carry clipboards and radios, but no guns.

“They don’t carry a gun because they walk amongst the crowds of people and we thought it was much safer for the public if they don’t carry a gun in the event that someone tries to take it from them,” Zott said.

The budget for security at Metro is $10.7 million which is not enough to put guards at every train station or on every train and officials say that is not necessary.

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