Recipe: Petite Chateaubriand -

Recipe: Petite Chateaubriand

Serves 4
4 beef fillets, 4 ounce steak
2 cups beef stock
¼ cup white wine
1 tbsp. shallots, minced
2 cloves fresh garlic, minced
2 tbsp. fresh tarragon, finely chopped
drizzle of olive oil, extra virgin
1 ounce butter, melted
2 ounces all-purpose flour
sea salt and cracked black pepper as needed

Heat olive oil in a sauce pan over a high setting. Add the four steaks. Sear on both sides until
brown. Remove to a baking tray lined with a roasting rack. Season steaks with salt and pepper.
Place steaks in a pre-heated 375 degree oven for no more than 10 minutes, medium rare to
medium temperature.

Meanwhile, add the shallots and garlic to pan and sauté until soft. Add white wine and reduce
by half. Add beef stock and simmer for five minutes.
In a separate bowl, combine together the flour and melted butter. Mix well and add to the
simmering sauce. Simmer until thickened. Add fresh tarragon and serve sauce over the fillet

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