Defense consider next step in Drew Peterson trial -

Defense consider next step in Drew Peterson trial

CHICAGO (AP) -- A mistrial motion is pending at Drew Peterson's murder trial after a state's witness let slip testimony that the defense says irreparably tainted jurors.
As of Wednesday afternoon, the ex-cop's attorneys were considering a suggestion from the judge that the witness' entire testimony be struck rather than declaring a mistrial.
The witness was a former neighbor of Peterson's alleged victim, Kathleen Savio. He testified earlier Wednesday that he found a .38-caliber bullet in his driveway.
He began to suggest he believed Peterson planted the bullet to intimidate him. But the judge halted proceedings and sent the jury out of the courtroom.
An angry Judge Edward Burmila blasted prosecutors. He told them working in the testimony about a bullet was, in his words, a new "low" in the case.

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