St. Louis adds red light cameras despite judges rulings against them -

St. Louis adds red light cameras despite judges rulings against them

ST LOUIS ( -- The City of St. Louis is adding red light cameras to 10 more intersections despite two judges’ rulings against them. 

Some drivers are outraged the city is moving forward with more cameras before that ruling comes down.

“I just don’t think it’s right,” said David Dunn, a limousine driver.

“If a judge has ruled they’re not legal right now, why don’t you wait until you get the specific ruling before you put up more cameras,” said Herbert Edwards.

City of St. Louis spokesperson Kara Bowlin sent us this statement:

"The City received feedback from law enforcement officials and residents regarding dangerous intersections, so we asked ATS to test those intersections for potential violations. The results indicated a dangerous level of red light running at certain intersections. It was dangerous enough that we felt it was appropriate to add cameras to those intersections in an effort to change driver behavior. Some intersections with cameras have decreased red light running by 80 percent."

Bowlin pointed to the Eastern District Appeals Court ruling last October.  That ruling upheld red light cameras in Creve Coeur and ruled they do not violate due process.

St. Louis has two cases being appealed.  Circuit Judge Theresa Burke and Circuit Judge Mark Neil both ruled that St. Louis red light cameras violate due process because the tickets didn’t make it clear they can be contested.  The city has since added that language to the tickets.  Judge Neil’s ruling went farther saying there is no state legislation that grants the cities the right to use red light cameras.

Here is the list of new red light cameras:

-          NB Skinker @ Forest Park

-          SB Skinker @ Forest Park

-          SB Skinker @ Delmar

-          WB Delmar @ Skinker

-          EB Bircher @ Union

-          NB Jefferson @ Olive

-          SB Jefferson @ Olive

-          EB Forest Park @ Vandeventer

-          WB Forest Park @ Vandeventer

-          SB Kingshighway @ Oleatha

-          SB Jefferson @ Park

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