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Woman says former Ram giving her the brush off on money owed

BRENTWOOD, Mo (KMOV.com) -- Whether it’s $150 or $150,000, when someone owes you money you want it back- and fast.

A Brentwood woman you has waited close to eight months for money she’s owed by a former St. Louis Ram.

After fumbled exchanges and incomplete promises, News 4 intercepted the problem to get action.

St. Louis native Brandon Williams would go on to play for his hometown team during the 2007 season. A USA Today NFL salary database shows Williams made $254,000 playing for the Rams in 2007.

When his playing days ended, he founded the Brandon Williams Economic Corporation, and hired Becky Oehmen. Oehmen, who was unemployed at the time, was hired as an unpaid intern.

“I was doing marketing research for them, making phone calls, setting up appointments,” said Oehmen.

One of those appointments was a catered breakfast meeting with clients in October 2011. Oehmen paid $150 for the food with her own credit card.

“I gave them the invoice right then and said would you take care of this for me? They said yes, we’ll take care of it and they never did.”

Nearly a year later I contacted Williams. He declined an on camera interview, but we spoke over the phone.

Williams says it was never an issue of intent, there were just mix-ups.  

“It was never a problem sending her them money.  I’ve actually tried sending her the check before. I had the wrong address,” he said. “I e-mailed her that and told her that. $150 is very nice amount of money to me whether I was in the NFL or not.”

But Oehman describes her exchanges with Williams differently. She says the e-mails aren’t nearly as straightforward as William’s describes them.

“They’ve been kind of giving me the brush off. Giving me excuses like we don’t know the amount and then I’d e-mail them the amount. We forgot your adress. I’d send them my address,” she said.  “Oh, the check came back, I must’ve written down the wrong address, this is inexcusable I’ll take care of it by the end of the week and here I am still waiting.”

But Williams says he’s finally making good.

“Yes, the money is being sent to her.”

Oehmen says she doesn’t think Williams is a bad guy.

“I think that he wants to give back and he probably is,” she said. “I fell through the cracks maybe.”

I’ll be sure to let you know if Williams drops the ball.

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