Boy begs robbers to spare his mothers life -

Boy begs robbers to spare his mothers life

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS ( -- The search is on for two armed robbers who police say held an ice cream truck driver at gunpoint.  Police say the driver's son was with her and pleaded for his mother's life.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police say it's proof how bold some of these criminals have become and what they'll do to feed a drug habit.  Police say that's the excuse Ronell Ross, 19, used for robbing an ice cream truck driver while her 10-year-old son was with her in the truck.  Ross is already on probation for burglary and unlawful use of a weapon.

Police are now searching for the two other armed men who were allegedly with Ross when the trio stopped to buy ice cream near the O'Fallon Place apartment complex in North St. Louis last Friday night.  It was the driver's last stop of the night, and police say the men handed their money to the 10-year-old before turning on the boy and his mother.  According to court documents, all three men pulled out guns.  Ross allegedly pointed a gun to driver's head while her child begged for the men to spare her life.

"If they're bold enough to rob somebody running a business -- a woman with her 10-year-old son there -- they're obviously desperate," St. Louis Metropolitan Police Sgt. Paul Piatchek said.  "They'll do what they have to do; whatever opportunity arises to commit their crimes, so it's really good to get them off the street.  This isn't the first crime they've committed, so they're probably doing other stuff out there."

Police add that while Ross was allegedly robbing the ice cream truck driver, two other men were robbing another man at gunpoint who had stopped to talk to the driver.  No one was physically hurt.  Ross is jailed on a $200,000 bond.

Police believe they know who the other two robbers are, but now they have to find them.  Anyone with information is urged to call the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Detective Bureau at 314.444.2500.

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