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Feldman: Rams owe it to Jackson to become a winner

(Football StL) -- As a highly touted draft pick, he came in and got a taste of the playoffs right away in 2004.  The Rams went just 8-8 that year but being .500 just so happened to be good enough to sneak into the postseason.

In 2005 he had to endure a slip to 6-10 but the following year it was back to 8-8...albeit not enough to go to the playoffs for a second time.

Since then, it's been nothing but misery for Steven Jackson.  15 wins in 5 years.  That includes the worst 3-year stretch in the history of the NFL (6-42 from '07-'09). 

Through it all the Rams star running back has been a true professional.  Never once has he publicly voiced his frustrations with the organization.  Always has he had a smile on his face.  And every snap he's been on the field he's given it everything he's got...and more.

But now at age 29 and getting closer and closer to the end, the Rams might actually do the unthinkable. 

They could flat out waste the career of not just an amazing player...but an amazing leader and ambassador of the franchise.

Running backs, especially power runners who make their living going through defenders as opposed to around them, typically don't last much beyond 30.  That's usually the benchmark for when a decline begins.

Jackson's 29, folks.  He's carried the rock 2138 times as a Ram.  Think about that.  Two thousand one hundred and thirty-eight times.  And that doesn't include his 369 pass receptions, let alone preseason numbers.

For 8 years defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs have predicated their entire game plan on hitting Steven Jackson as hard as they possibly can.  He's taken more hits than you or I can possibly realize.

The toll it's taken on his body has got to be immense.

For what seems to be the millionth time Jackson's got a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator and is part of a "new era" at Rams Park.  This is a new beginning for the franchise. 

Hey, Jackson's heard it all before. 

And to be honest, the man just wants to win.  He's played like a winner.  He's acted like a winner.  He deserves to actually be a winner.

The clock's ticking...

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