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Poll: Brunner leads GOP primary, all 3 Republicans leading McCaskill

(KMOV) -- A News 4/Post-Dispatch poll shows John Brunner leading Sarah Steelman and Todd Akin for the GOP Senate nomination. It also shows trouble for Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. She trails all three candidates when placed head to head.

The poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research has a 5% margin of error.

In the Republican primary the poll showed the following from likely Republican voters: John Brunner - 33%, Sarah Steelman - 27%, Todd Akin - 17%, Mark Memoly - 3%, Mark Patrick Lodes - 1%, Undecided - 19%

The first thing that stands out is Brunner’s lead.

“No one knew his name 6 months ago, 8 months ago,” said Christopher Ave, Post-Dispatch Political Editor. “So he has spent a lot of money, a lot of his own money getting his name out there. This poll would indicate he's been somewhat successful.”

It is important to note that 19% of those polled said they are undecided.

“There is enough wiggle room for certainly the top 2 and perhaps the 3rd, Akin, to think that they can win,” said Ave. “I think you will see continued spending.”

The poll asked likely voters who they would choose between McCaskill and each of the 3 Republicans head to head. Here are the results:

Steelman – 49%                  Brunner – 52%                     Akin – 49%

McCaskill – 41%                 McCaskill – 41%                  McCaskill – 44%

“I would say it doesn't look particularly good for McCaskill,” said Ave.

Outside PAC money has been pouring into Missouri to attack Claire McCaskill. And McCaskill has spent money attacking each Republican candidate.

“McCaskill hasn't had one opponent to target,” said Ave. “I think now when the primary is over McCaskill's people will have someone to train their fire on.”

And that’s when we will likely see a barrage of national PAC money in Missouri supporting and attacking both sides.

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