Door-to-door magazine scam back in metro area -

Door-to-door magazine scam back in metro area

ST. LOUIS ( -- An old scam is back in business in the metro area, and could be knocking on your front door.


The Better Business Bureau tells News 4 it’s taken dozens of complaints from residents who’ve paid door-to-door salesmen for magazines they’ve never received.

The BBB believes the sales companies are part of an extensive, organized network of thieves.

“What we hear typically is that someone is approached at the door and that it’s typically some hard-luck story - we need help changing our life, we need help going to this program, we need help with our education,” said Chris Thetford of the BBB. “Those are red flags because you really want to check those out, you want to check the groups out to make sure you really are helping and that you’re really going to get your magazines.”

The BBB reminds residents to not let themselves be pressured to buy anything on the spot.

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