Savard: Rams rookie practice just business as usual -

Savard: Rams rookie practice just business as usual

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ST. LOUIS ( -- I wish I could give you some exclusive, vitally important info from today’s rookie practice at Rams Park. But, I can’t. Nothing extraordinary happened. The rookies are being eased into the system before Sunday’s first full squad practice.

I can tell you that first round draft choice Michael Brockers is one of the most physically imposing rookies I’ve ever laid eyes on. And that goes back to my two training camps with the Cowboys in the mid-80’s. He will be asked to help shore up the run defense. He looks up to the challenge but a lot of guys have passed the eyeball test only to fail the real exam. I don’t think that will happen here. The combination of his size, athleticism and defensive line coach Mike Waufle’s reputation all work in Brockers’ favor. I keep hearing about how he’ll help the pass rush. Well, if he does great. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that his greatest contribution should be helping the run defense which ranked 31st in the NFL in 2011. And if the Rams become much stingier against the run they’ll be rushing the passer in more second and third down and long situations which will translate to more pressure and more sacks. So stopping the run will affect the pass rush.

One other camp note: tight end Mike Hoomanawanui looks great. He is the only veteran participating per his request. He wanted to test his surgcially repaired knee before the full squad workouts begin. The knee is holding up and he looks bigger and stronger than in 2011. I think this guy has the ability to be a top-tier tight end. He just needs to stay healthy.

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