Scott Air Force Base at center of housing tax battle -

Scott Air Force Base at center of housing tax battle

MASCOUTAH, Il ( -- Scott Air Force Base is at the center of a battle over taxing military housing. The decision is now up to Illinois governor Pat Quinn.

The governor currently has a bill on his desk that would allow the state to tax homes at Scott.

News 4 tried to contact Governor Quinn’s office Thursday morning but never heard back. Governor Quinn did hear from the Air Force.

In the letter, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force says that taxing would damage the housing program and impact the servicemen and women and their families living here.

But taxing the houses and duplexes on the base is now just a signature from the Governor Quinn away from becoming law.

With roughly 1400 families living on base, the Mascoutah School District would stand to gain the most from the change.

No one at the district, which has a nice new high school, was willing to talk about it, however.

The taxes, if approved, would be paid by the private company running the housing. But because of tight government controls, rent for the military cannot be raised.

Instead the company tells News 4, they'd have to cut back on services such as children's parties and closing community centers and pools.

In the letter, the Air Force says the plan would cost about a $1 million and jeopardize the private housing program on base. 

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