Are any Cardinal prospects untouchable? -

Are any Cardinal prospects untouchable?

(BaseballStL) -- When the trade deadline less than a week away, Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak will have to make a decision soon as to whether it makes sense to deal away a prospect or two to acquire a veteran player to help down the stretch. The Cardinals are in the market for a pitcher, though with the recent success of the starting rotation that need has become less urgent.

I talked with Mozeliak today and asked him if any of the Cardinals minor leagues prospects are untouchable. He said, "I don't like to call anyone untouchable, but if there's a player we value in that kind of category it's Oscar Tavares".

Tavares in the 20 year old outfielder currently playing at AA Springfield. He's hitting .330 with 19 rbi's. Last year at Single A Quad Cities he hit .386. Mozeliak told me that it won't be long before Tavares is in St. Louis playing for the Cardinals.

I asked Mozeliak if he would compare Tavares with two other young phenoms already in the Major Leagues, Mike Trout of the Angels and Bryce Harper of the Nationals. He said "league wide, I think Oscar Tavares is considered a top five prospect". Mozeliak said the Cardinals would have to be blown away by another team before he would consider trading Tavares.

The top pitching prospect, Trevor Miller, didn't get the same kind of glowing report from Mozeliak. The Cards G.M. said Miller has been "inconsistent".

Which move do the St. Louis Cardinals need to make before the trade deadline? Share your thoughts.

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