Massage therapist allegedly forced 15-year-old boy to have sex with clients -

Massage therapist allegedly forced 15-year-old boy to have sex with clients

HOUSTON --- A trip to the Olympics has turned into a federal criminal case for a 35-year-old Houston man.  He had reportedly landed in London with a 15-year-old boy and authorities there got suspicious.

Now the man, a massage therapist, is behind bars back in Texas, accused of using the boy for sex and selling his services to male clients.

Jason Gandy reportedly ran the business out of his home on Truxillo Street, in Houston’s historic Third Ward.

Neighbors there describe a lot of traffic but nothing that would lead them to believe that a teenager was being subjected to constant alleged sexual abuse.

“There’s so many different people that live in the house you really don’t know who’s coming to see who,” said neighbor Helene Holt.

According to neighbors, Gandy renovated a back garage apartment and moved an RV onto the property when he purchased it. People in the area say they were told it was a “boarding house” for college students.

“”I thought they had students and stuff. I talked to a couple of guys that lived there, and they were in college, college students, in fact one kid was going to Rice,” said Carver Henry, who runs a law office next door.

It was away from the guise of the home that Gandy was challenged. Immigration officials in London began questioning why he wanted to enter the country with the underage boy.

Officers reportedly discovered approximately 90 condoms in Gandy’s personal belongings.

“This is a shock to me,” Henry said.

Documents say the 15-year-old boy would spend weekends at Gandy’s home and would stay in the RV behind the house. Investigators allege that Gandy forced the teen to massage clients completely nude inside the RV.

According to documents, Gandy would walk into the RV and tell the boy “I am here for you.” Gandy allegedly routinely massaged the boy and masturbated in his presence.  

Gandy reportedly told the teenager that he had to allow clients to touch him in order for them to continue to hang out and make money.

Investigators said Gandy told the boy that he would have to please clients while in London. However, documents said he told the minor they’d get to go shopping, see bands and go to the Olympics.

Authorities believe Gandy met the 15-year-old through a mutual friend on Facebook in May.

The teen’s mother apparently gave Gandy permission to travel with her son to London, but she did not know the real purpose behind the overseas trip.

Gandy has been ordered to be held without bond as a flight risk and danger to the community. He is charged with transportation of a minor for a commercial sex act.

If convicted, Gandy could face 10 years to life in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.

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