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Police: Streets more dangerous for officers

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

FLORISSANT, Mo (KMOV.com) –Police say Wednesday’s violence is just the latest proof that the streets are more dangerous.

Recently, there has been a spike in officer-involved shootings. Police attribute the rise to a different attitude on the streets. There are more guns and people aren’t afraid to use them.

“When we’re dealing with people who do not care about the consequences it’s just very dangerous for us and for the citizens out there,” said Florissant police officer Andy Haarmann.

Haarmann is a ten-year veteran of force and says the attitude on the streets has changed. People are less cooperative, and subjects on the street are more likely to pull a gun.

“The lack of respect for human life really,” said Haarmann.

With a major heat wave settled over the region, more people are outside, leading to more confrontations. Something that constantly has police on their toes.

The city of Saint Louis has averaged 13 officer-involved shootings a year for the past five years.

It’s already had 13 this year and it’s only July.

“They’re not afraid of the police,” said Police Captain Michael Sack. “They’re not afraid of the criminal justice system and they are willing to engage officers.”

News 4 asked Haarmann if there was a particular time of the night or day that was more dangerous than any other.

Without hesitation he said it’s when you pull out of the parking lot and start your shift.

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