Dont buy an iPhone anytime soon: heres why -

Dont buy an iPhone anytime soon: heres why

HOUSTON—Wait a few months and save big bucks. That’s the word from industry analysts, if Apple sticks with protocol.

Apple held its quarterly earnings call Tuesday. The company said it made a profit of $8.8 billion in the last quarter, selling 26 million iPhones. This is down from 35 million in its previous quarterly report, and it was even lower than what forecasters expected.

Why? Apple fans might be holding out for the new iPhone 5. Why buy the current iPhone 4S for the same price the iPhone 5 will likely cost when it comes out in a few months?

Apple hasn’t confirmed there will be a new iPhone, which means there are rumors all over the Web. Most industry analysts agree, however, the newest iPhone will come out around September of this year.

The pricing on all iPhones will go something like this:

>> iPhone 5 - $200
>> iPhone 4S - $50 to 100
>> iPhone 4 – FREE
(based on a two year contract)

Even if you don’t want the latest and the greatest, it’s best to wait a little while to see what Apple’s next move is. The iPhone 4 is still a good phone, and it very well could be a “free phone” in the near future. We’ll just have to wait and see.

So what big changes are expected in the transition from 4S to 5? (Rumor alert!)

>> The phone will have a smaller dock and cable connector, and the headphone jack will be located on the bottom instead of on top
>> The screen will be thinner, and it will be widescreen 16X9 so you can view movies in their regular format
>> The processor will be a new quad-core chip (for faster apps, graphics)
>> The device will no longer have  a glass backing, but it will be entirely metal
>> New iPhone software will not include Google Maps; it will have Apple's own mapping software with turn-by-turn directions (Apple announced this one, this is not a rumor)

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