Stripper humiliated after assault is captured on video, posted online -

Stripper humiliated after assault is captured on video, posted online

HOUSTON—Cell phone video of a fight between strippers is the focus of a criminal investigation into an alleged assault at a northwest Houston strip club.

One of the women involved said she plans to sue the club’s owners.

“I had no clue until she said something to me,” said Stephanie Rucker, while describing the incident that occurred in early July in the women’s locker room at the Millionaire’s Boyz Club on Antoine Drive. “I had no idea this was happening.”

The video shows Rucker being punched in the face and knocked to the ground by another stripper in the club. A man’s voice can be heard on the video saying “that will be $50 apiece.”

Rucker said the person speaking was the club’s DJ.

“I just don’t think that you should have a business making fun of other people getting beaten up,” she said.  

Someone posted the video on the Internet and a local activist blamed the club owners for allowing the activity to take place.

“The club bears responsibility of neglect and also participation for this young woman to be attacked,” said Quanell X.

The owner of the club said he fired the other woman involved in the fight, along with the DJ who recorded the video.

He also said that he did not condone what happened, and called it the first fight that had ever taken place in his establishment.

Houston police have launched an investigation into the alleged assault.

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