The race between malls in Chesterfield -

The race between malls in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD, Mo ( -- If you’re a city with a problem you should have the problem that chesterfield has. There’s not one, but two outlet malls that are going up in the Chesterfield Valley.

The question: Can both survive, or will we end up with another empty mall as an eyesore?

Two weeks ago was the groundbreaking for the Premium Outlet Mall. Tomorrow morning, workers break ground for the Prestige Outlet Mall.

Malls are disappearing from the American landscape, so how will both structures survive?

“They both have, they both have plusses,” said Aimee Nassif of Chesterfield Planning and Development. “I think it boils down to whoever decides to pull the trigger and put shovel to dirt and start construction.”

Both construction companies plan to. Around chesterfield they call it “the race between the malls.”

The Prestige sits on 49 acres, The Premium on 50. The Prestige has more square footage and is slated to have more than 100 stores, The Premium about 85. Both open in the fall of 2013.

The Prestige is about three miles from The Premium. There’s a thought that the two could actually help each other because they’re going to be attracting the same kind of shopper and it’s an easy drive from one to the other down Interstate 64.”

Nassif says if one goes under there are safeguards in place for the property to be maintained so it doesn’t turn into an eyesore. News 4 asked her to predict what will happen.

“I have no idea. I really do not know.”

For now the race is on.

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