Cardinals vs. Dodgers (July 24) - Pregame news and notes from cl -

Cardinals vs. Dodgers (July 24) - Pregame news and notes from clubhouse

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

Here’s today’s lineup against the Los Angeles Dodgers:

1) Rafael Furcal - SS

2) Allen Craig - RF

3) Matt Holliday - LF

4) Carlos Beltran - CF

5) David Freese - 3B

6) Yadier Molina - C

7) Lance Berkman - 1B

8) Daniel Descalso - 2B

9) Adam Wainwright - P

- Matheny says he’s going with the group he feels gives him the best chance to win.  And the fact that Daniel Descalso is starting at 2nd base today (against a lefty) is very telling.  Tyler Greene usually gets starts like these but he is not in there today.  Matheny was very coy about why Greene wasn’t starting.  He just kept going back to the philosophy of playing those that give them the best chance.

- Lots of the “top guys” went to go watch Brian Fuentes in AA-Springfield today.  They are going there to see how his command and constency are.  Those are the things that left Fuentes recently in Oakland before his release.  I asked Matheny if/when he does get summoned to St. Louis how that would affect the bullpen and whether they’d be open to having 3 lefties.  He told me they have talked about that and that’s definitely an option.  A lot of that is the fact those lefties will have to be able to get righties out.  And so far they believe between Mark Rzepczynski and Barret Browning they have that.

- If they send out a righty when Fuentes comes up (which won’t be for a few days at the very least) one candidate to go could be Victor Marte.  Matheny told me he’s having trouble making a big pitch to get a crucial out in critical situations right now. 

- Chris Carpenter also provided an update on his recovery from surgery to relieve pain in his neck and shoulders.  He said he’s very sore and there’s a lot of swelling right now and it’s way too early to tell if the surgery worked to the point where he knows if he’ll be able to pitch again.  Carpenter says based on everything he’s been through there’s always doubt and if this doesn’t work he’ll have to “say goodbye”.  But he is hopeful that this will fix the problem he’s been dealing with for a few years and be able to get back on the mound.  Carpenter says there is no typical routine for coming back from this surgery because it’s so rare.

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