SHOCKING: Man lights head on fire! -

SHOCKING: Man lights head on fire!

( -- A Georgia man spent the weekend in critical condition after letting his friends set his face on fire.

The 36-year-old William Bonner had his head set on fire at an Augusta bar last Thursday with friends.

You can see people flicking lighters next to his head and suddenly his head become engulfed in flames.

Investigators tell local news station WJBF that before lighting the fire the friends doused Bonner's head with rum.

Bonner suffered second-degree burns on his face and head.  He told the news station he doesn't remember what happened.  He says he hopes no else does something "as stupid as this."

The sheriff's office says it doesn't plan to file any charges in the case. 

What is the dumbest thing you or someone you know has done after drinking too much? Share your thoughts.

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