Cool Down St. Louis asking for help after 21,000 requests for assistance -

Cool Down St. Louis asking for help after 21,000 requests for assistance

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- With seemingly no end in sight for this dangerous heat, a local group is asking St. Louisans to continue helping their fellow citizens cool down.

The help is necessary, especially when in light of startling numbers. There have been 17 heat-related deaths in the city of St. Louis alone, and hundreds of people treated for heat related illnesses in both the city and county.

Cool Down St. Louis wants to prevent those numbers from rising and can only do so with your help.

Reverend Earl Nance says Cool Down St. Louis received 21,000 requests to help pay utility bills and helped 9,600 of those applicants.

In addition, Cool Down has installed almost 900 air conditioners.

Reverend Nance says the communities generosity has made that happen, but more help is needed for it to continue.

“She St. Louis community has been  good to us over the past 11 years,” he said. “Very good to cool down st.Louis. We appreciate that. We need to keep it up. The need is greater than ever .”

“Knock on your neighbor’s door. Knock on two neighbors’ doors. Reach out and feel them. Make sure they’re ok. Talk to them for a while. Make sure they’re coherent. Make sure they’re not confused if you will from the heat,” said Saint Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson. “This heat is cumulative and it’s starting to wear on everybody.”

Cool Down says it’s already given out more air conditioners at this year than it did last year at the same point.

For more information on how you can donate, call 314-241-7668.

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