Report: Missourians' beer preferences shifting -

Report: Missourians' beer preferences shifting

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Anheuser-Busch still dominates the beer market in Missouri, but its market share is slipping.

Data obtained from the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control shows Missourians are drinking a bit less beer in general. And the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that when they drink, they're guzzling more craft beer, Corona and sweet stuff.

The state data tracked beer sold for the 12 months ending June 30. For the year, beer sales dropped 0.9 percent, the third straight year of declines. Experts are blaming the economy and the rise of spirits.

Missouri market leader Anheuser-Busch accounts for 62.2 percent of all beer sold in the state, down from 65.2 percent in 2008. Kansas City brewer Boulevard has a 1.4 percent market share, making it the state's fifth favorite beer.

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