Cards postgame news and notes -

Cards postgame news and notes

(BaseballStL) -- Mike Matheny and members of the Cardinals offense all say there isn't any sort of jump start that needs to happen with this offense. They say yesterday's record-tying 12-run 7th inning was nice but they don't believe there is any carry over to future days. It's a daily process that is independent in itself. Matt Holliday also says he doesn't really think hitting is contagious like we all believe.  He says sometimes it seems that way but he doesn't think that's the case.
-- Holliday also says he believes the road trip following the All Star break where the Cards' offense scored just 15 runs in 6 games was likely due to losing timing because of all those days off. He thinks these last couple days where the offense has exploded (19 runs in 2 games) is a result of the timing coming back. That's not to say he thinks this production will continue at this pace...but he believes some timing was lost during the All Star break.
-- Jon Jay goes 4-4 after going just 2 for his last 20 and now his average spikes all the way to .304 for the season. Jay says during his little rut he had no idea what he was doing at the plate and if he knew what was wrong he wouldn't have been doing it in the first place. Jay says, for him, it's really about going back to the basics and when he's at his best he's hitting the ball the other way.  Well, that's exactly what he did today. 
-- Lance Lynn (6 innings, 4 hits, 0 runs) says his command wasn't where he needed it to be today.  His pitch count was elevated a little bit early and reached 100 pitches by the time he had finished the 6th.  But even though he used a lot of extra pitches (walking 3 didn't help) Lynn was still able to get out of trouble and hold the Cubs to no runs. He says that happens a lot where you don't have your best stuff and need to battle regardless. Today was one of those days.
-- If you're scoreboard watching with the Reds and the Pirates, which of course we all are, the Cards claim they're not. They say they can only take care of what they are doing on the field and can't concern themselves with what others are doing.  (My opinion? That's bogus. There's no way they can avoid watching other teams' games. It's unavoidable.)

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