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Who is Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes?

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By Courtesy: CNN and KDVR By Courtesy: CNN and KDVR

AURORA, Colo.—Suspected shooter James Holmes, 24, bought a movie ticket and went in as part of the crowd before opening fire on a group of moviegoers early Friday, police said.

At a late morning press conference, Aurora police and other city officials released more details about the mass shooting that went down during an overnight premiere of the new Batman movie.

Police said Holmes was carrying several weapons and left explosives in his apartment. He was taken into custody after allegedly shooting 71 people, killing 12 of them.

So who is James Holmes?

A spokeswoman at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver said the suspect was a student there until he dropped out in June. She did not know why he dropped out.

Holmes was studying neuroscience in a Ph.D. program at the university.

The FBI said Holmes has no known ties to terrorism, and Aurora police said their only run-in with the young adult was a speeding ticket in late 2011.

Holmes allegedly used an AR-15 assault rifle, a 12-gauge Remington shotgun, and a 40-caliber Glock handgun in the attack. Police said they also found a second Glock in his parked car. He is also believed to have hurled a gas canister into the theater before opening fire.

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