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Quinn adds to one very delicate topic in St. Louis

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Tony La Russa.  Josh Hancock.  David Freese.  Leonard Little. Now...Robert Quinn.


Will it ever end? 

I’m not here to start casting stones and judging individuals based on decisions that they make in their personal lives.  Many men and women have made mistakes and proven they can learn from them in the future. 

But if there’s a city that’s been affected by the topic of alcohol more than St. Louis in the last decade I have yet to see one.

Some have been lucky to not hurt anyone.  Others have not been so fortunate.

With Quinn’s case he was charged with driving while intoxicated after Florissant police responded to a single car crash on July 10th on the exit ramp of eastbound 1-270 at Washington/Elizabeth. 

Police suspected Quinn of being intoxicated and was arrested.  He was released after posting bond.

All the Rams would say is they are aware of the situation and nothing more.

On its face, this is something the Rams can rebound from.  A PR nightmare can be avoided by a couple things.  A public apology and playing well. 

One of the saddest facts of life in sports today is the fact we like winners.  Eagles QB Michael Vick electrocuted dogs and he’s been accepted back into society by a large portion of the population because he’s a dynamic athlete. 

Ray Lewis was charged with murder years ago and no one ever talks about that.  Because he’s a winner.

That doesn’t make it right.  It’s just the way it is.

So while Quinn and the Rams can move past this the larger topic here is of alcohol and St. Louis. 

It’s got to end.  It just has to.

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