Anheuser-Busch set to release new small-batch beers -

Anheuser-Busch set to release new small-batch beers

St. Louis, MO -- Anheuser-Busch will release six sample tribute beers as part of its new nationwide summer competition, “Project 12.”   

Twelve brewmasters, one at each of Budweiser’s 12 national breweries, worked to create their own commemorative beer to honor Budweiser’s storied history. 

From the 12, six were chosen for the project, which consumer feedback will narrow down to three for inclusion in a limited-edition sampler pack, available for purchase this fall.

The six dueling beers are named after the zip codes of six of Anheuser Busch’s national breweries. The six beers include: 63118 from St. Louis, 91406 from Los Angeles, 43229 from Ohio, 23185 from Virginia, 13027 from New York, and 80524 from Colorado. 

The St. Louis variety, 63118, is a deep-gold, five-percent American lager that uses the same types of hops commonly used at the St. Louis brewer during the 19th century.

The six sampler beers will also be sampled during “Budweiser Made in America” over Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia. The two-day music festival will feature the six beers along with local food from the six locations the sample beers are named after.

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