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Police concerned about New Years Eve threats against officers

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(KMOV.com) – St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said police are on high alert after several threats were made against officers on social media. The person making the threats said they would be carried out on New Year’s Eve.

Dotson said one such threat was made earlier in December.

“Pick a side or die with ‘em. New Year’s Eve massacre a pig night,” the tweet read.

“We take those threats very seriously,” Dotson said. “The first amendment allows you to say what you want, it does not allow you to make threats against people, including police officers, we have an active criminal case,” Dotson said.

Another tweet by the same user includes a photo of an officer along with a threat. The tweet specifically mentions the Shaw neighborhood. Dotson did say where the officer will be deployed for New Year’s Eve.

“Police officers are always vigilant about their surroundings but when specific people are out there with the purpose of doing them harm, their jobs get a lot easier,” Dotson said.

The twitter account of the person who made threats has been suspended. Dotson said all officers are wearing bullet proof vests and respond to calls in pairs.

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