Bill would require 'non-citizen' stamped on immigrants licenses -

Bill would require 'non-citizen' stamped on immigrants licenses

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

PHOENIX (CBS 5) - A newly elected representative announced on Twitter he was going to introduce a bill that would require driver’s licenses issued to some immigrants to carry the label “non-citizen.”

In a Twitter post, republican Representative-Elect Jay Lawrence (R, District 23) said:

“I have a bill being written. It will place the words NON CITIZEN across the driver’s license of illegals in our state.”

CBS 5 reporter Greg Argos spoke with Lawrence on the phone, but he refused to talk about his proposal, saying he would only speak about it after it was introduced in the new session.

“It’s another SB 1070 waiting to happen,” said Senator-Elect Catherine Miranda, a democrat representing District 27.

“I want to nip it in the bud now,” she continued.

Miranda said she is concerned the ‘non-citizen’ markings could single out certain immigrants now-permitted to obtain Arizona driver’s licenses under President Obama’s new immigration policy.

“In their minds, there is no fear of pulling out their driver’s licence (during minor traffic violations),” she said.

“To now have ‘non-citizen’ on that license (could) create that same fear again,” she continued.

Representative John Kavanah (R, Distrist 8) disagrees, saying a person’s immigration status is already public record.

“It’s a transparency bill. It’s an honesty bill. People’s immigration status on their driver’s licenses is public record. Why somebody would want to suppress that is beyond me,” he said.

The new session begins Monday, Jan. 12.

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