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Elliotts return a necessary huge boost for the Blues

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(HockeyStL) - To be honest with you, I’m not sure too many people thought losing Brian Elliott for a little over a month would be as big of a blow as it’s turned out to be.  We all knew Elliott was critical.  But THIS important? 

Wouldn’t have thought.
But he is.  Jake Allen’s 88.0 save percentage over the last five games is just a microcosm of what’s gone on lately.  Martin Brodeur was brought in to be a stabilizing force and he’s done a respectable job – depending on what sort of expectations you had.  He’s not 25 anymore so thinking Brodeur was going to be the star he was for the Devils would’ve been a little ridiculous.
The fact the Blues have lost four of their last five overall isn’t solely on the goaltending.  There have been offensive issues, penalty issues (taking too many of them) and just overall sloppiness issues.  Putting this skid on Allen and Brodeur is a little foolish.
But they’ve been a part of it.  Arguably, they’ve been the biggest part.
And getting Elliott back now is a monstrous shot in the arm.  He was having a tremendous season (1.82 goals against average and 93.1 save percentage) before suffering a lower body injury on November 25th against the Senators.
Will the 29 year old continue to play this well?  Probably not.  Will Allen’s play improve as the year goes on?  Probably.  But the way things have been going of late something was needed to change the status quo.
And getting Elliott back does just that.  It provides a little bit of a shakeup.  A necessary one.

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